Join the community of entrepreneurs and business executives who receive exceptional benefits and opportunities to engage with like-minded entrepreneurs.


BizMagnate is a community of successful and influential entrepreneurs, business executives, and innovators around the world.

Major of our community includes Founders and CEOs. Members enjoy access to community events as well as exclusive benefits and offers on travel, lifestyle, food and top ecommerce sites.



VIP PROGRAM FOR Entrepreneurs Business Executives Founders CEO's Innovators Influencers

VIP Privileges

With BizMagnate membership, you enter into the world of benefits & get access to exclusive privileges from a variety of brands over the globe. It’s time to give the premium way of life a try.

BizMagnate has partnered with thousands of brands to provide you with the exclusive and best benefit we can. We provide offers directly from top brands in India and around the globe.

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Make Likeminded Connections

Looking to share your passions with other entrepreneurs? Want to discuss any ideas or need mentorship? Want you help struggling entrepreneurs by answering their queries or providing them guidance?

BizMagnate permits members to curate a tailor-made experience around their interests by creating Groups and Forum so they may get the exact experience they value.


Biz Magnate

VIP Membership Overview

BizMagnate does not only grant you access to forums and community networks but also benefits which are surely worthy enough!

INTRODUCTORY PRICING $9.99/Year $ 249/Year (Ending Soon)

Travel Privileges

BizMagnate has partnered with leading airlines, loyalty programs, to provide our member’s facilities such as discounts, priority check-ins, and many more to enhance your travel experience.

Who doesn’t like a free Business class upgrade?

Business Solutions

BizMagnate help businesses of all sizes succeed with huge benefits and savings on business needs from top e-commerce sites.

Also, we provide exclusive deals on services like hosting. domains, digital marketing, and SEO.

E-Commerce Privileges

BizMagnate offer discounted pricing and promotions with a wide network of leading e-commerce platforms around the globe. 

Our e-commerce privileges include offerings from Amazon, Ajio, etc.

Influencer Magazine UK - VIP Feature

BizMagnate has partnered with Influencer Magazine UK to provide you with a VIP feature article/interview for FREE! 

PR Distribution / Feature Article on International News Network

BizMagnate has partnered with a top marketing firm to provide you with a one-time PR Distribution worth  USD 199 For FREE!

Not only the perfect way to taste the “fame” and show it off but also to help you reach the correct target audience!

Free Product Trials

BizMagnate introduces you with free 30 days trial on various sites – so you can try before buying!

There are dozens of releases every day which can help us a lot for our business as well as personal use – so we help you with free trials on such sites so you can try various memberships, applications, and tools.

VIP Events

BizMagnate hosts Members-only networking events in major cities in India (Currently virtual due to Covid-19), offering opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, and like-minded people.


BizMagnate permit members to curate a tailor-made experience around their interests by joining and creating Groups and Forum so they may get the exact experience they value.

We have forums such as fundraising, women entrepreneurs, b2c, b2b forums, and more where you can connect publicly on the forum thread or private messages.

BizMagnate Merchandise

Avail customised merchandise from our luxurious collection exclusively made of our VIP community members. {Coming Soon}


+ Many More...

Biz Magnate

Asked Questions

We have included frequently asked questions here, If you have any further questions, just send us an email at enquiries@bizmagnate.com



BizMagnate is a membership program for Entrepreneurs and is not a credit card.

We are currently providing VIP membership at introductory offer pricing of $9.99.

Introductory offer is valid for limited time – Regular pricing will be applicable for all applications received after offer end date.

We have exclusive partnership with thousand of brands who provide us new offers and coupons to provide for our members – which keep changing on frequent basis.

Once you join the membership, you will find all offers on the benefits dashboard.

You can invite only Entrepreneurs and business executives to join our community. If anyone out of our target community applies, we will reject the application and refund membership fees.

Any merchandise from BizMagnate is not inclusive of membership.

You can either purchase them or enter in our giveaways to grab them.

Just log in with your credentials, got to benefits section from home menu and click on benefit of your choice then click avail button, that’s it.